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“Corruption in Albania. Perception & Experience” Study

IDRA conducts the forthcoming study on corruption in Albania, within the framework of the Anti-Corruption Strategy 2015-2020 and European Integration, supported by the Albanian Government. The main purpose of the 2017 study “Corruption in Albania, Perception & Experience” is to continue the discussion based on evidence on corruption issues in Albania. IDRA has conducted the 2015 wave of Corruption and resumed this discussion after the new government came to power in 2013.

With the new government mandate and with a new focus on the second mandate in anti-corruption reforms, the public poll provides data on perceptions and experiences of the public with this phenomenon and compares corruption levels with previous IDRA polls conducted in years 2006-2010 and 2015.

This study also shows how the perception and experience of citizens on corruption has changed from the government’s first mandate, indicating the progress or regress of anti-corruption efforts. The main issues of the study are: Perception of Corruption, Contribution of institutions in the fight against corruption,Trust in Institutions, Transparency of Institutions, Awareness of Anti-Corruption Activities, Corruption Experience, and Attitudes towards Corruption.


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