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Covid-19, Citizens Prepared that the Situation of Constraints May Continue

While Albania is entering its second week of drastic measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, IDRA has conducted another survey on the subject.

The realization of these surveys is made possible thanks to the use of the online survey panel, implemented for almost a year by IDRA.

In the last 24 hours (March 15-16, 2020) members of the panel have been asked about expectations regarding the duration of the current restriction situation. About 92% of respondents think that this situation of restrictions will continue for 2 or more weeks. Meanwhile, just over half of them, about 52%, expect this situation to affect the third week. 1/4 of respondents (27%) appear to be even less optimistic, since they do not see the solution even after the third week.

The most “frightened” of this situation appear to be respondents over 45 years old, most of them (64%) considering the resolving of this situation as distant. Younger ages (up to 30) seem to be more “optimistic”, they expect the solution of this situation within the next 2 weeks.

Results are representative for ages 18-54. The number of respondents via CAWI – Computer-Assisted Web Interviewing, via, is 646 individuals.


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