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Millenials, on the local election date

While we are facing the last 30 days until the local election, the opposition continues to embrace the statement that it will not participate in the elections, nor will it allow their development on June 30th. On the other hand, the majority seems determined to proceed with this election process.

IDRApoll has asked a question to its panel on the most likely scenario that is expected to occur under these conditions.

According to this survey, around 50% of respondents consider the most likely scenario to be that the local elections will be held on June 30, but with differences regarding the possibility of the opposition’s participation in them. About 31% think that elections will be held on 30 June and the opposition will enter these elections while 19% think that elections will be held on 30 June but without the opposition.

About 30% of respondents are confident that the elections will not take place on June 30 but will be postponed, while 20% of them choose the option “I do not know / do not care”.

This survey took place from 20 to 28 May 2019. Part of this survey were 631 panelists. To ensure that the results are representative, we have applied weighing by district, area of ​​residence, age and sex. The results of this survey are representative only for ages 18 to 44 years. The error tolerance for these results referring only to this age (18-44 years) is ± 4.2% with confidence interval 95%).


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